by Andrea Prandstraller, Niccolò Bruna. Italy 2015, 84’ v.o. sott. ingl.

Production Company Le Talee srl
Agnese Fontana, Andrea Prandstraller, Niccolò Bruna
Editing Luca Gasparini, Alberto Masi
Cinematograpfhy Andrea Treccani, Massimo Moschin

The background actress Marja, student of molecular biology. Filippo, the tireless Directors’ Assistant, with a passion for bel canto. The mime Marjolaine and Massimo, the trumpet player. Chief propman Marco, a failed singer. The veteran atmosphere actor Federico and the young Nadine, at her first role in the Choir. All of them are normal people, yet extraordinary at the same time; each of them with a personal, impassioned bond with an extremely demanding mistress: the Verona Arena. Skilfully balanced between on-stage and off-stage, private life and public exhibition, and between sacred representation and profane entertainment, MAGICARENA reveals the Opera secrets, as you have never seen before. Our protagonists’ lives are messed up by the preparation of a new Verdi’s Aida, in its III Millennium version, directed by the Spanish vanguard masters: the La Fura dels Baus. Such a mixture of innovation and tradition, will have a huge impact, both on them and on the public.

In programmazione
27/03 at 6.30 pm Teatro Petruzzelli
28/03 at 9.30 Galleria 5
€ 3,00

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