Ho ucciso Napoleone

by Giorgia Farina with Micaela Ramazzotti, Libero De Rienzo, Adriano Giannini. Italy 2015, 90′ v.o. it. sott. ingl.

Production Company Bibi Film
01 Distribution
Giorgia Farina, Federica Pontremoli
Music  Andrea Farri
Editing Esmeralda Calabria
Cinematography Maurizio Calvesi
Production Design Tonino Zera

It takes but 24 hours for the life of Anita - a single, brilliant and successful manager – to be wiped out by a hell of troubles. Anita finds herself swaying on a Luna Park swing; fired on the spot by her boss: who, despite being married and having a family, has been her secret lover, and got her pregnant. But Anita is like a frozen pancake: in order to survive, she chose to become icy, glacial. And now she demands everything to be back: her job, her life, her woman-without-children freedom; and she won’t make any compromises. In order for this to happen, it is necessary to conceive a perfect and unscrupulous revenge plan. But sometimes, even a perfect plan could waver, when challenged by the unexpected. Even more likely…if the unexpected has the appearance of a shy and clumsy lawyer named Biagio. In the meanwhile, Anita grows up, together with her belly, and her willingness  to open herself up to the world and unfreeze the frozen pancake she had put in stead of her heart. When her daughter will be born, Anita will be a different woman.

In programmazione
24/03 at 9.00 pm Teatro Petruzzelli
€ 12,00

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